19 May 2016

Starting one way

I'm making a habit of ignoring my blog since I've moved here. Must be the fact that split working shifts muck up the body clock and the physical work involved with commercial cleaning wears one out. I thought I could settle here but it's not happening. I can't find the rhythm and routine in my life any more. It's been mostly eat, sleep and work and I'm not enjoying my everyday life. Hence no blogging as complaining won't change anything.

I've been made an offer, from someone I've been spending time with, that I've accepted and as soon as the lease on this rental expires in September I'm moving again.

Lol, and I can usually find a country song that will fit the situation!

Alan Jackson There Ya Go - MP3 Play | Listen


Robyn Louise


  1. I have been wondering what you have been up to, Rob. Sorry it hasn't worked out where you are. I often think of you and hope all is well but obviously it isn't. All the best with your next move.

  2. you'll get there, Rob, good that you've realised it's not the place for you xxx