12 Oct 2013

Broken, tired and bored......and it's only been 6 days :(

For those of you who don't already know I stood at the wrong end of my temperamental mare last Sunday (6 Oct) and was kicked. The kick itself bruised me but the landing broke my left upper arm and bruised most of my back.

Well, the short version is the horses arrived where they are supposed to be and are doing fine but I'm still stuck here due to disorganisation that may not have occurred if the ex had let me move out by the end of October, which is what I was aiming for, instead of trying to rush me out earlier and putting extra stress on me.

At the moment I'm broken, tired, sore, drugged to the eyeballs and bored shitless as I can't do much.

I'm also looking at another 10-12 weeks of this....with no craft of any kind that I can do, most of my books packed and difficulty even dressing myself or making a cup of tea I'm going to be climbing the walls before long.

Soooo, that's my pity party for now. Hopefully after the permanent cast replaces this temporary one, sometime next week, the prospects of amusing myself may improve.

At least I'll have company after I move as I'll have the smaller animals around - my dog , cat and the cockatiels.

Robyn xo


  1. Aw, Robyn, sorry to hear of your accident - didn't know about it before as my internet access is limited thesre days.

    Perhaps the significance of this forced time our is that you rest and have the time to get your plans in order.

    Feel for you though - I, too, find it difficult doing nothing. Guess it's lucky you have access to the Net - all the info you can research / YouTube items you can watch - and sleep you can catch up on :)

    Take care.

  2. Not funny Robyn!!! Things seem to happen at the most inconvenient times, though that kind of mishap would always be inconvenient. I'm sorry that I have no options to offer to help you pass the time away:( Look after yourself!!

  3. You poor little vegemite, Robyn. Was the kick from the horse you were worried about loading onto the truck? It sounds like you are fairly stressed at the moment :-( It will be good when you can move and get your new routine organised. I hope you don't get too bored. Are you there on your own or do you have someone to help you seeing as you are so restricted?

  4. For some reason, your post only came up on my blog list today so I have missed all these goings on. Oh, I'm so sorry that this has happened to you. Ouch, sounds so painful and how annoying to be laid up like that for so long, one armed! I do hope you have some friends to support you and get you some meals and do stuff for you. If I was closer, I'd drop off a lasagne and salad and home made bread rolls! :) chin up, chook!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  5. How are you doing Robyn? Thinking of you.