18 Aug 2013

Neglected Blogging

I was just flitting around catching up on some blogs yesterday and today and I realised that I've been neglecting my blog followers as I've been spending more time than I should on facebook and also posting pics on facebook instead of here.
My new resolution is to post here FIRST from now on and link to fb as I can do that and just link relevant posts to fb, not the whole blog. It's wonderful how much freedom you can have with the internet if you just do some research on the privacy settings.....and have family or friends check to make sure you've set them properly! I'm not an IT whiz but I do my best :).

So here's a roundup of photos I've taken since my last blog post as photos say more than words can. I won't do captions as the photos themselves will give viewers their own thoughts/feelings about what they see.......and it's Sunday and I'm feeling too relaxed to do the "journalist" thing today. They are roughly in date order from 6 August to yesterday (17Aug).


Small comment on the horse and rider - she broke this thoroughbred in herself - it has taken her a few months as she is her Dad's apprentice. He was given to her as a registered yearling that the owner did not want to keep, he's just turned 5, and she's done a magnificent job making him into a quiet riding horse. Her next job - making him a stock horse.

Robyn xo


  1. Lovely photos, Robyn! I wondered where you got to. I don't go on Facebook but I think a lot of people spend more time there than on blogs so I guess it is the way of the future. Too much of another learning curve for me though as I spend enough time on the internet as it is. You do live in a picturesque area.

  2. It's great to see you back on board Robyn...I've been missing a few regular bloggers that I follow...
    And yes, Facebook can be a bit of a time consumer...I know from experience...LOL! I look forward to more posts from you.

  3. Love the photos! The "puppy pile" is my favorite... talk about Nap Lures!

  4. I used to blog daily for years but its the uploading of pics that seems to take all the time. Facebook is quicker, for sure but I like blogging because its not to my friends, its to my bloggy friends who I have never met, who live all over the world!